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When translated, Jagermeister means “Master of The Hunt.” 

It originated as a German post-hunt drink with friends,

celebrating their long day together.


out of home


The hunt is on!

We’re commencing a hunt during the fall season in major party cities like New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Nashville, where participants will bar hop and complete challenges with their friends as they go.

1. check in

Check in at our truck,

receive your hunting map and gear.

2. hit your marks

Search each stop for the Stag Masthead, hit the button,

and complete the challenge given to you. 

Collect your prize from the Jagermeister representative, then continue your journey.  

Reach the final destination and turn in your coins. 2 coins will allow entry to a live concert, and 4+ coins will grant you exclusive merchandise.

3. Collect your trophy

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