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My last name, Aldape (Al-dopp-ee), is Basque.
Weirdly enough, outside of the Basque country, the largest population of Basque people is in Boise, Idaho. Every 5 years, there is an internationally renowned festival called Jaialdi (High-all-dee), where Basques from around the world come together to celebrate our culture.

This app is an innovative way for the event to connect and inform participants, support local businesses, and get the non-Basque community in Boise involved. 

app walk-through

why did i make this app?

Moving from the west at 12 meant being far from extended family and immersed in Basque culture. This project honors my great grandfather, Pancho, who was integral to the Basque community in Boise. 


While I might not be able to speak Basque or be close enough to always participate in family events, this was my way to engage in my family’s culture. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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