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NOOSH is a real product we launched in collaboration with the University of Richmond. Since February of 2024 it has sold over 1000 units in direct to consumer and wholesale markets. Our team executed the brand design, product design, social media content, and merchandise for NOOSH. 
The spread is a modern take on Baba Ganoush, an eggplant based dip and spread that is smoky, smooth, citrusy, and has a kick of spice. 
For NOOSH to stand out on the shelves we honed in on embodying its zesty flavor with high energy brand colors and visual elements like its hand-drawn logo and playful pattern inspired by Mediterranean mosaics (an homage to Baba Ganoush’s origins). Four characters were also developed to represent NOOSH’s main four ingredients.

Design story

NOOSH is available at 12 stores (and counting!) around the Richmond area, including Stella’s Grocery & Ellwood Thompson’s.  They regularly appear at local farmers markets and pop-up events where they are easily spotted in purple.

spotted around richmond

social & extra bites

NOOSH has gained media coverage across the Richmond area from Richmond BizSenseThe CollegianWTVR, and VCU Brandcenter.


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